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since 2011​

The little red peril was a bright and welcoming little mobile bar belonging to a hillside village brewery in a town called Schwelm, Germany where UK Bratwurst Co founder, Mark Hans Gunter NIghtingale was born. Some 5 years ago the Brewery sadly closed its doors and brewed its last pint.  Distraught at the thought of its beautiful bright red mobile bar where he and many other townsfolk enjoyed many a stein of beer disappearing, he approached the Brewery to purchase the unit.  After a 24 hour slow road trip, the shiny red 'schwelmer bar' arrived at its new home ready for its transformation! Having both had long term high pressure professional careers, Mark and his wife, Lindsay decided to take the plunge into event catering.  As devout 'foodies' combined with Marks German heritage, it was a natural progression from Bar to Bratwurst stand. Our focus on 'everything authentic' resulted in the installation of a natural lumpwood swing grill and we remain the only business in our field to cook in this traditional way, which combined with our first class service has seen us rise to the largest Bratwurst retailer in the UK.


The rest as they say is history, and although our fleet may have grown and our menu expanded to include many more German delicacies, our focus on customer experience and authenticity remains. 

 The little red peril in a village, far far away...
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